What Is the Largest RC Car Scale?

What Is the Largest RC Car Scale?

What Is the Largest RC Car Scale?

The largest RC car scale is 1.5. This scale is increasing in popularity since most RC enthusiasts are opting for it.

RC cars come in different sizes and scales. If you’re new to RC cars, you might not know much about the RC car scales available. However, when you purchase a remote controlled car, its scale will be shown on the box.

One of the things that RC fans consider when buying their favorite cars is their particular scales. Clearly, this implies that there are different scales when it comes to RC cars.

So, what is the largest RC car scale? This is an important question because the scale that you choose determines what you will be doing with your car.

Generally, the largest RC car scale is 1.5. This scale is increasing in popularity since most RC enthusiasts are opting for it. Since it’s the largest scale, it’s obvious that output in terms of performance is higher compared to other scales. Also, its level of functionality is higher compared to other scales. Here are the 3 best 1.5 scale RC cars:

Redcat Racing Rampage

If you’re looking for the 1.5 RC racing car that has the best budget, the Redcat Racing Rampage is one you should highly consider. To begin with, it has a detailed body that will immediately distinguish it from other RC car models.

Redcat Racing Rampage

Another imperative factor that is unique with this particular RC car is the metal components. Since it’s meant to be a powerful car that can pass through different terrains, the metal components makes it possible for it to have a high performance experience.

Indeed, the Rampage XR rally car is not a car for a normal racing. Rather, it’s what you need if you want to go extreme as a racer. Given that it’s a 1.5 scale RC racing car, the metal gears, aluminium-made shocks, and heavy-duty aluminium chassis makes it one of the best in the market.

Of great importance still, the design of the model gives it a ready-to-run (RTR) advantage. If you choose to buy the Redcat Racing Rampage 1.5 rally car, you will have the following in the package: a charger, 4 racing cones, and a battery.

It’s important to also take note of its large capacity fuel tank. This is a major element that contributes to its high performance ability. In the same vein, it is a fast car. One thing that the passionate fans of RC cars have is their admiration for fast cars. If a RC racing car is fast, most racers will want to have a test of it and that is what Redcat Racing Rampage offers.

Moreover, it has an independent suspension that you can adjust quite well and with a lot of ease. Therefore, if you consider yourself to be an extreme RC car racer and you can handle the powerful gasoline engine of this model, then you can consider it. Here are the tech specs of the Redcat Racing Rampage 1.5 rally car:

  • Rally racing model type
  • 2-stroke fuel power source
  • 500cc fuel tank capacity
  • Single speed transmission
  • 4WD drive system
  • 32 mph maximum speed

Traxxas Desert Racer

This is a RC car that gives racers an opportunity to have a lot of fun. Let’s first look at the appearance of this 1.5 scale racing car. It contains the following features related to appearance: detailed interior, molded details, quality tires and wheels from BF Goodrich, and a Pro-scale body. The vehicle’s suspension system is quite remarkable as well.

The suspension system has the following features that make it one of the most favorite among RC car racers: suspension limiter straps, sway bars, and heavy duty front suspension.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a fast RC car, you can consider this particular one. It can go to speeds of more than 50 mph. Its 6S power is responsible for the impressive racing speed. In addition, you will find it being easy to control, which gives many drivers the ability to control it effectively.

Though it’s a big RC car, you don’t have to struggle with control mechanics. It’s because of this that it has proven to be a fun-to-drive RC car for many racers. Here are the major tech specs of the Traxxas RC Desert Racer that you should know:

  • Desert racer model type
  • Electric 2200kV engine
  • Electric power source
  • Electronic brakes
  • 30+ minutes of running time
  • The charging time depends on the charger you’re using

Losi 1/5 4ED DBXL-E RC Desert Buggy

This is a large 1.5 scale electric RC car. To begin with, you should know that it’s a top speed RC car with the capacity of more than 50+ mph. As a high intensity electric basher, it gives racers the fun and adrenaline they need to enjoy their racing experiences.

Some more good news about this specific model is that it’s easy to drive and maintain. In fact, it’s easier compared to the gas equivalent. The ease of use gives less experienced drivers an easy time when doing the controls.

Additionally, it’s notable to point out that the electronics in this RC vehicle are waterproofed. Hence, if you happen to drive in a watery terrain or in heavy rain, you don’t have to worry about your car. If you would like to race at night, it’s possible to do so through the bright LED light bar fitted in this model. Lastly, here are vital tech specs of the LOSI DBXL-E 2.0 Smart Tech 1/5 4WD RTR

Desert Buggy model type

23cc gasoline engine

4WD drive system

Octane gas power source

Maximum speed of 50+ mph

30+ minutes of running time

The charging time depends on the charger

Having known the largest RC car scale, you now have a good idea of what to expect from RC car models of this type. Certainly, they are high performance and give superior outcomes and racing experiences compared to other scales.

If you would like to have more fun as a racer, you should consider the largest RC car scale since it has impressive features that make RC car racing a great hobby.

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