The Meaning of RC Car Scales Explained

The Meaning of RC Car Scales Explained

The meaning of RC Car Scales Sizes Explained

The meaning of RC Car Scales Sizes Explained
The meaning of RC Car Scales Sizes Explained

By Joe Rich

RC scales refers to the size of the model car 1:10 is the most popular and 1:5 scale is the largest. The higher the number the smaller the model and vies versa the lower the number the bigger the model

You already know that radio controlled cars or RC, for short, are miniature vehicles that are modelled after full-size automobiles. They come in different scale sizes. So what do RC car scale sizes mean– assuming that you’re shopping for your first RC car and you need details to make informed decision based on scale sizes.

RC Car scales definition

RC Car scales definition

RC car scales is the size of the radio controlled car’s model in comparison to the actual car or the full-size version in your garage or parking lot.

If you’re into race cars, for example, you may want a radio-controlled car that’s modelled after a Ferrari or a Jaguar race car.

For example, an A1:10 Indy Formula 1 RC is ten times smaller than the actual car on the race track.

The idea behind the scale sizes is to shape your mental picture on how big or small the RC car is. A 1:43 scale model measures between 3.5 to 5 inches in length.

A 1:24 and a 1:12 model are approximately 5 to 8 inches and 14 to 16 inches respectively.

Therefore, the lower the ratio, the smaller the difference, in size, between the RC automobile and the car’s actual version.

This means that you should go for a model with a higher ratio such as 1:43 if you want a smaller RC car and lower ratio such as 1:12 if you want a bigger one.

RC Car scales and choice

Now that you have a clear picture of what RC car scales entails, you may probably want to know why size matters.

The 1:12 scale is probably one of the biggest RC auto models that you can dream of because they are detailed.

They come with realistic features that include real side mirrors, defined body-work, sleek, curvy features, and paint job.

Telling the difference between the actual model and a 1:12 RC car is difficult especially if it’s in a close-up picture since the headlights and the bonnet flaunt the fancy aspects of a real car.

This scale size is commendable for adult RC car enthusiasts.

The size also dictates the type of RC car that you can buy directly from a brick and mortar store.

You can only obtain the 1:18 versions if you live the U.S.

They can be found in Australia and some European countries because these countries have assembly lines for the bigger versions.

The 1:18 line of RC cars are diverse in design, and you can always have one shipped to your doorstep through a reliable online store.

Note that the 1:24 scale versions are popular in Italy and the U.S. because of affordability and spare part availability issues.

What’s bigger 1/8 scale or 1/10 scale?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple: 1/8 scale is bigger than 1/10 scale. This is because the scale refers to the size of the model in relation to the actual object. For example, a 1/8 scale model of a car would be eight times smaller than the real thing. In contrast, a 1/10 scale model would be ten times smaller.

Size and styles

You want an RC car that reflects your lifestyle.

A track race enthusiast would go for a car that’s designed for speed.

If you’re into heavy commercial vehicles, then long chase trailers and break-down versions are likely to tickle your fancy.

Choose your first RC car from a range that can handle rough terrains if you’re into outdoor activities.

Imagine having fun with the 1:12 and the 1:18 models at the peak of a mountain that you’ve always thought of climbing.

There is no limit to life-style related choices in the world of RC cars.

You can always have your take even if you’re a vintage cars fanatic.

Note that the first RC cars came out in the 60s.

This means that there is a line of models that suit your taste as a vintage collector. The 1:36 scale was a popular model in the 70s Japan.

The 1:34 version was among pioneered the geared RC versions in the U.S.

It follows that you can make the selection of your first RC vintage from a breed with an exciting background.

Power options

As you make your pick, consider the model’s power supply delivery method.

Electrically powered RC automobiles are economical since they are rechargeable.

Their high-performance features stem from the efficient power relay system that drives the car’s motor.

Therefore, the more you pull the control trigger, the more the RC car speeds up.

RC answers the question what do RC car scale sizes mean to the industry’s futuristic designs by incorporating solid components and magnetic brakes.

Nearly all models regarding scale sizes include a line of electric versions.

However, many of them hail from the smaller versions’ line.

Go for the one with the longest battery life as running out batteries while racing your first RC car can be infuriating.

Gasoline and Nitro powered RC car models

Nitro methane is the most outstanding feature in nitro powered RC vehicles.

Many of the big top-models utilize a single servo throttle.

The idea behind this is to open up the carburettor to allow the air to mix with the fuel for superior acceleration purposes.

Their brakes are usually an attachment to the drift-shaft to make the braking system reliable.

Nitro powered cars usually operate like full-sized vehicles.
Also known as “gassers” or “fuelers” gasoline RC cars utilize a combination of gasoline and engine oil.

They are not the fastest breed of RC cars in comparison to the electric and the nitro versions.

Nevertheless, they have an upside since they can do long distance rides carrying heavy equipment.

This can be machine guns or cameras depending on whether the RC car is being used for military or exploration purposes.

Gassers are also the most durable of all the RC car models.

It’s advisable to go for the 1:5 scales gasoline RC cars because they are big enough to carry bigger fuel tanks to extend the number of hours that it can keep on the track without refills.

Find out the best 1:5 scale RC Car.

These version of RC cars were costly a couple of decades ago but tech advancements in the industry have made them more affordable.

In conclusion.

If you are about to start out in this great hobby it is probably best to start of with a electric 1:10 scale car.

As you progress and your skill in control and the knowledge of the practical mechanics grow you will be able to move up to the large scale nitro and gassers.

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