Are Redcat Racing RC Cars Any Good

Are Redcat Racing RC Cars Any Good?

By Joe Rich

Are Redcat Racing RC Cars Any Good?

Redcat racing have established themselves as a leading RC car brand and a good choice for beginners and seasoned racers alike.

One big question that many fans of RC cars ask themselves is-Which brand in the market performs the best?

Certainly, the popularity of these cars and the various brands manufacturing them makes many people to be spoilt for choice on which one to settle for.

So, are Redcat RC cars any good? Indeed, they are good cars that you can opt for.

The truth is that there are different brands of RC cars on the market today, and you might not know which one is the best.

However, Redcat has established itself as a RC car manufacturer you can rely on.

Just in case you are wondering what factors make these cars good, here are some of them

They Are Really Fast

I have always loved fast cars. They create a degree of fun that is just irresistible.

If you are looking for a fast RC car for racing, you can confidently settle for Redcat.

In fact, there are some cars that are able to reach speeds of 40 mph.

This creates lots of excitement for drivers as they race.

Nobody wants a racing car that is slow. Actually, given that these RC cars are for racing, they have to be fast to meet their needs.

The only thing that you should take note is that you should be responsible as you use these super fast RC cars.

An Redcat manufactured 10-20 pound RC car racing at 30 mph has a lot of momentum.

If such a car happens to hit one’s leg, it can cause a serious injury.

Also if it hits your prized garden blooms or a valuable garden ornament while at that speed, the car will do some damage. So as you enjoy the speed and how fast your Redcat can go just be aware of your surroundings and all should be well.

A Great Appearance

Just like their speed is important, Redcat racing RC cars have a distinctive appearance that makes them a joy to watch.

If you want to drive fast and still look great doing so, you can consider these cars.

Not many cars have these two important qualities.

Knowing that many fans of RC cars not only want speed but also the aspect of car appearance.

Redcat has made sure that they manufacture cars that are unique in look.

As a way of making sure that these cars look exceptional and great Redcat adds accessories that customize their appearances to match the tastes and preferences of their customers.

The fact that these cars can be customized makes them look better than other RC car brands.

It’s for this reason that I recommend Redcat racing RC cars to those looking for a car with distinctive appearance features.

Engineered for Performance

Performance is a very vital component of any car.

Whether you want for play or racing, you can’t take anything less when it comes to performance.

To begin with, the detailed manuals for these cars helps drivers know how to use them well so as to get the best results out of them.

If you’re able to understand how the racing RC cars operate, you will be in a position to use them to their maximum capacity.

It will be such a limitation if you are not able to use a Redcat racing RC car to its highest performance level.

Still on the point of performance, these cars allow you to use complex suspension machinery that provides you with various turning options.

 Through this, you are able to make the necessary adjustments in response to the type of terrain you are racing on.

The fact that these cars are engineered for high performance makes them a preferred choice for anyone thinking of buying a RC car.


One thing that is for sure is that durability goes a long way to raise the value of a RC car.

This is among the fundamental factors that define Redcat racing RC cars.

Undoubtedly, Redcat designs their cars with replacement of parts in mind.

These cars are able to stay in full functioning for a long time, and spare parts are also available in case of the need for replacement.

It’s significant to point out that their spare parts are durable, which allows them to stay in shape for a longer time.

I have experienced racing cars that have a very short lifespan.

On the contrary, Redcat produces cars that can stand the test of time of course if you take good care of them.

You can have the freedom of allowing your children to play with these racing cars without having to worry too much about damage.

It’s this aspect of Redcat racing cars that makes them a good choice for anyone desiring to buy one.

A Good Choice for Beginners

Are you a beginner? Then this range of RC racing models is a great choice for you.

Like it is for most people, my first experience with a RC car was not perfect and this is because I didn’t know much about them.

However I was able to use Redcat Racing with relative ease because they were tough enough to withstand the many hits they were going to get while I got used to the speed.

If you are a beginner you don’t expect to know how to control a RC car on your first drive.

Nevertheless the fact that these cars are strong allows you to keep on driving them even if they are getting hard hits on the terrain.

Possibility of Upgrade and Part Replacement

Another reason that makes Redcat racing RC cars among the best on the market is that you have the option of upgrading and replacing parts whenever necessary.

If you feel that it’s time for you to have a better experience you can upgrade your car for improved performance.

In the same vein many of the parts of Redcat racing cars are replaceable, which makes it more valuable to a user.

Therefore if you are looking for a racing car that will give you value for a long time, you can consider Redcat.

Certainly, from my experience it’s evident that Redcat racing RC cars are good in a number of significant ways.

A closer look at these factors shows that there is so much worth that makes them a preferred choice for fans of racing RC car.

Learn more at Redcat Racing website

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