About us
About us

About us

Hello and welcome to Beginner RC cars guide on this site we hope to help new comers to the fast and exciting word of remote control model racing.

I’m Joe and I couldn’t be more passionate about RC cars. Every day, or when my buddies come over to race on the weekends we’ll often be outside for some good old fashioned bashing with our favourite remote control car.

What makes it even better is that there’s nothing in this world like racing an RC race car around a track into first place!


In 2000 i was given as a christmas present a 1:10 scale Tamiya Ford Focus kit and form then on i was hooked.

Since then i have built many kits and bought as many ready to run models of all kinds from drift cars to crawlers all have given me many hours of pure entertainment.

About 2 years ago a friend of mine asked me some advice on how and where to start with RC cars.

After answering loads of his questions i thought maybe i could set up a website with all of these questions and concerns and help other people.

So i have created this site with a mission to help inform and most importantly hopefully entertain.

If you have anything you think we should cover please let us know you can contact us by clicking here.

So welcome to beginner rc cars guide and i hope you find some useful information.

Many thanks

Joe Rich