Can you run a RC car in Snow?

Can you run a RC car in Snow?

By Joe Rich

Can you run a RC car in snow?

During the winter months many RC drivers feel that they are not able to get out and enjoy the model because of the snow. Well if you can brave the cold and with a few precautions there is no reason for you not to get out and have fun in the snow.

RC cars are one of the most popular gifts during the winter holidays season.

Most of the children and adults own an RC car during winters but the question is can you run an RC car in winter or in the snow?

Yes, you can but there are limitations. Not all RC cars are the same as all RC cars are not designed to run in these conditions.

If you run these cars without some care in these diverse conditions you will end up damaging your car.

But, some cars also have add-on options that make them able to run in any weather or in any condition.

To be frank, with a bit of knowledge about your RC car, you will be able to drive it in the snow too.

Most RC cars have some sort of water resistance but that does not make them water proof.

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Make a RC car track in the snow

There’s something uniquely thrilling about carving out a makeshift racetrack in a freshly snow-covered landscape for my RC car. As soon as the snow starts to fall, my anticipation builds. I pull on my warmest gloves and boots, grab my trusty snow shovel, and head outside to clear a path. Each shovelful of snow that I toss to the side feels like a step closer to the exhilarating moment when I can finally let my RC car loose on its new winter playground.

The cold air bites at my cheeks as I work, but the thought of what’s to come keeps me going. Once the track is ready, it’s time to bring out my RC car. The moment it hits the snow, kicking up a spray of white powder as it zooms around its icy track, is nothing short of exhilarating. It’s a unique challenge to navigate the slick surface, and every successful turn or high-speed straightaway feels like a victory against the elements.

For those looking to embark on this winter adventure, I’d recommend investing in a good-quality snow shovel, wearing multiple layers to stay warm, and ensuring your RC car is properly waterproofed. Trust me, the joy of seeing your RC car dancing on the snow is worth every shovelful!

What Precautions to be taken before running a RC car in the snow

  • Warm your battery- This is the most recommended thing you should do before running in the snow because the warmer battery is more efficient than the cold battery.
  • This will increase your range in cold weather.

.Moisture protection- Moisture leads to rust which wrecks the parts. Before running in snow you should spray WD-40 to all the exposed metal parts of the car.

Spraying the suspension and underside of the chassis is also a good option this will help prevent corrosion and make cleaning easier

Make your car crash proof- All the plastic parts get brittle in extreme lower temperatures which leads damaging to that part if hit any hard object.

Before going to running in snow you may boil the nylon parts in the water this will rehydrate the material and make it flexible again.

If you have enough budget then you may go for RPMs proprietary blend of nylon, it works exceptionally well in snow

Say no to LiPO battery- If you are running in the snow then the LiPO battery is not performing well as its cells may be permanently damaged at freezing point.

So you should go for NiMH battery as it performs smoother and exceptionally well in these conditions

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  • Try to keep your car at room temperature and you should warm up your car before taking it to outside for running in the snow.
  • Pre-heating- You should pre-heat your Nitro RC car engine otherwise you will face difficulty in starting it.
  • Nitro fuel can thicken up in low temperatures and may harm the engines.
  • Charge your car’s battery before taking it to outside and you should have extra battery too if you are planning for long-running.
  • Many RC cars can have trouble in wet conditions that come with snow.

This may damage the electronic parts, so in the case when your car is not waterproof you may use tape and other equipment to prevent it from moisture and water.

  • Check the tires- You should check the air pressure in your vehicle’s tires before going outside. You may use an extra grippy set of tires for safer running in the snow.

What if your RC car electronics get wet?

Snow is frozen water and water is something that is not too good for electronic gadgets of your car.

 If you are running an electronic car in the snow then the motor needs special attention.

Moisture is one of the worst enemies of electronic items, as water contains ions which will react with metal and contribute to corrosion.

There are a lot of IC’s inside the electronic item that has specified moisture tolerance if they do get moisture inside them they begin to malfunction or stop working completely.

Most of the chips are sealed to some extent but if moisture gets inside them creates shorts and it is difficult to remove moisture.

So it is not a good idea to get the electronics wet unless your model has waterproofed electrics.

If your model is not waterproof here are some ideas to stop the moisture getting into the electronics.

How to prevent electronics from getting wet

  • You can try rubber boots over the motor where the wires attach but make sure you should wipe any moisture that has build after every run.
  • Protect the servo casing by applying electric insulating tape over the case.
  • To prevent the electronics from condensation wrap them in paper towels before putting them in balloons or any bag.
  • Conformal coating is a protective chemical used to prevent electronics from getting wet, they produce an insulation barrier that saves the gadget from moisture.
  • A thirsty bag containing molecular sieve desiccant is also useful to prevent electronics from moisture.

What if the battery gets wet?

You should not leave the battery wet for a long time.

If it gets wet with salty water which has ions then it conducts electricity and it will cause the battery to discharge much faster.

Also, the saltwater may cause the corrosion of battery housing.

You should keep them dry regularly.

So it is not good to get the batteries wet.

How to prevent batteries from getting wet

  • Put the silicon bags near the battery which prevents them from moisture.

Put the battery in a plastic bag and wrap the connectors in insulating tape.

  • If the battery box is made of metal then to prevent it from rusting galvanize it.
  • The case of the battery in which it is placed should be waterproof.
  • Regularly check the battery and after every session you should check the battery and make sure it is dry. If not then dry off with a paper towel.

Best RC cars to run in the snow

  • Traxxas Slash- This comes ready to run and has everything included to get going and is an ideal vehicle if you want to experience soft and deep snow. This 1:10 scale 4WD model will provide incredible speed as well as waterproof options which make it easy to maintain and operate in snow.

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  • Traxxas Summit- This is one of the most popular RC options available right now. This is a 1:16 scale truck having a big frame and also big wheels. It is equipped with the  Titan 12 turn 550 motor. It has a rugged transmission and suspension which makes it perform better in snow conditions. It also waterproof and has LED lights fitted.

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  • Traxxas X-Maxx monster truck- This ready to run 1:6 scale is the monster truck that every snow rider wants to buy. It is fully waterproof so you can enjoy it in any depth of snow. This is a quality model that is easily upgradable.

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With the right preparation, equipment, and safety considerations, your RC car can conquer the winter terrain for an exhilarating racing experience. Your RC car’s winter adventures can be as exciting as you make them, with each snowfall presenting a new opportunity to carve out your own icy racetrack. However, remember to keep your RC car well-maintained and properly equipped to handle these frosty conditions.

So now snow will not be an obstacle to you going out and enjoying your RC model the only thing left is for you to wrap up warm take a flask of something hot.