The Best RTR Nitro RC Cars You Can Buy Today

The Best RTR Nitro RC Cars You Can Buy Today

The Best RTR Nitro RC Cars You Can Buy Today

It’s been 50 years since nitro rc cars were first introduced to the world, and they have only gotten more popular every year. They’re now available in a variety of styles and colors than ever before, with some models even boasting up to 20 horsepower!

Want to have the smell of fumes and the sound of a revving engine then a nitro RC car is what you will be wanting.

Kyosho 33153B Mad Crusher GP-Mt 4WD Nitro Monster Truck

By Joe Rich

Kyosho has been known for a wide selection of RC kits and RTR models and the RTR Nitro Mad Crusher Monster Truck has not let us down.

It does have a higher price point, but along with it comes more features and a challenging experience.

Kyosho always creates a challenge for model racers, but never to the point of frustration.

We just have pure fun and enjoyment.

This Monster Truck is of course not any different from their other quality models and will provide a great time using.

RC model racers don’t have to worry about this Monster Truck breaking during the building process, or after, while using or displaying it.

The materials put into the model truck are tough and durable, built to last for years of use.

Kyosho spent time on creating a faithful representation of a 70s American style monster truck.

It is a great model and should not be overlooked.

There are many features that come with the Nitro Mad Crusher Monster Truck:

  • Accurate scale throughout the model
  • Premium and long lasting materials
  • Usable truck bed
  • 1/8 Monster Truck chassis
  • 5 link suspension
  • 70s style decals on the body
  • Front and rear rigid axles provide traction
  • Steel Spiral gears for high power
  • Powerful KE25 engine
  • kr-331 receiver with fail-safe
  • Retro style
  • Great for bashing

The Nitro Mad Crusher Monster Truck definitely comes ahead of the pack for monster truck models.

Even though it has a higher price tag, the price is well worth it.

With the price come premium materials, many great features and a loyal recreation of the truck.

Both experienced and beginner model truck racers would appreciate this car.

It is well worth the money.

Definitely put this truck right on the top of the list for a monster truck to add to the collection.

Or for the first monster truck, it would be a great model to kick off a collection.

There is no doubt that your money is well spent and will not be wasted purchasing this model.

Don’t hesitate to check it out and read through all of the customer reviews to see how happy they were with their purchase.

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Kyosho – 1/8 Inferno Neo 3.0 VE 4WD Buggy

By Joe Rich

Kyosho – 1/8 Inferno Neo 3.0 VE 4WD Buggy

The Inferno Neo 3.0 is ready for any kind of competition; it is a high quality, reliable and high performance buggy.

The performance of the Inferno Neo 3.0 makes it ideal for any type of competition, and thanks to its incredible features, it can compete on any surface.

The Neo 3.0 has the ability to excel on any type of race circuit, even on the most difficult terrain.

Main features

  • It is equipped with double four-wheel suspension
  • The gear shift is in the middle, to optimize strength and performance on all four wheels.
  • A little fuel and batteries need to be added to this high performance toy car, and then the fun begins
  • The material that this Inferno Neo 3.0 is made of is of high quality and shock resistant
  • You can apply settings to this buggy to modify and improve it as you like
  • The scale is 1:8

A High Performance RC Car

The power, speed and start is the most remarkable of this Inferno Neo 3.0, we must clarify that it is high performance, this means that it is ideal for racing, and thanks to the material with which it is manufactured, you can control it on any surface and weather, even if it is raining.

The control is very adaptable, and you can enjoy a dynamic race thanks to Kyosho – 1/8 Inferno Neo 3.0 VE 4WD Buggy.

Due to the power of the Inferno Neo 3.0 the engine is a bit noisy, but the noise is not annoying, on the contrary, it is capable of filling you with adrenaline.

Excellent Quality

Every single part is made of the best quality and the best material; this is one of the reasons why this buggy is very competitive.

The tires on this buggy as well as the chassis is one of its best features.

About the Inferno Neo 3.0

This amazing 4-wheel drive buggy weighs about 7.5 pounds (ca. 3,402 g) and has a 12.8 inch (ca. 33 centimetres) wheelbase.

Its sturdy nylon suspension components are attached to an aluminium chassis.

The Inferno Neo 3.0 has traditionally been Kyosho’s 1/8th scale off-road racing platform.

What’s Inside?

The included radio system is Kyosho’s 2.4 GHz Synchro 2-channel pistol grip unit with a matching receiver.

The engine in this buggy is amazing, and it has a pretty fast start.

You can even limit the power of the engine in order to ease yourself into the full potential of this great model.

Click here to learn more about Kyosho on Amazon

A lot of people are looking for the best RTR Nitro RC cars they can buy today. To help, we’ve two of the most excellent models that you should definitely check out and consider and see if you find one with all the features you need. We hope this post will lead to your decision on which vehicle is right for you! Good luck.

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