How to Store Your Nitro RC Car over Winter

How to Store Your Nitro RC Car over Winter

By Joe Rich

How to Store Your Nitro RC Car over Winter

Storing your nitro RC Car properly over the winter will save you a lot of problems when it comes to starting again some months later. Remove the fuel and lubricate the engine and other moving parts to keep them in the best condition.

During the winter season, the storage of your Nitro RC car is of paramount significance. You have to store it in a way that you don’t affect its optimum functionality when you finally take it out to use again. The two main items you need to be very careful about during storage is the engine and fuel of your Nitro RC car.

Here are simple tips on how to effectively store your asset over winter:

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Effective Storage of your Nitro Engine

As it has been said above, one of the parts that you need to be very careful about when storing your Nitro RC car over winter is the engine. This is because you need to give it the right maintenance before the period of storage.

Any tasks missed might affect its ability to function effectively when you pull it out of the store. There are many things that can go wrong as you keep it in storage. so, follow these suggestions to ensure that you store your engine in the best way possible.

  • Remove Fuel from the Engine

Before you think of storing your Nitro RC car, you have to remove fuel from the fuel tank. The mistake that many people make when storing RC cars during the winter months is having them filled with fuel. If you store your RC car with a full fuel tank for a long time, chances are that it will go bad, and this will make the fuel useless. So, make sure that you empty it.

  • Oil Components for Extra Protection

In the cold damp winter months your Nitro RC car will be attacked from the elements. This being the case, it’s highly recommended that you use after-run oil on the engine.

What you should do is to add some after-run oil to the carburettor venturi and exhaust port. Afterwards, shift the crank back and forth. This process aims at protecting the engine’s interior. Moreover, it will eliminate the issue of gunk buildup when in storage. You can also consider replacing the glow plug and have more oil at the top of the chamber for extra protection.

  • Ensure That You Cover Ports Well

After you’ve made sure that oil components are set in place it’s now time to cover all the necessary ports. Specifically, place caps on the following:

fuel nipple, carburettor venturi and exhaust port.

By doing this, you’re protecting the engine from debris. Don’t worry about caps because they are cheap and you can get them quite easily online.

  • Store the Car Well

Wrap in a old towel or blanket. Place it in a durable plastic bag so that you offer it the protection it requires. Place some silica gel inside the bag for extra moisture protection. Silica does a good job in taking moisture out of the atmosphere.

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Effective Storage of Nitro Fuel

After making sure that your engine is ready for storage, it’s now time to do the same to your Nitro fuel. The good news with storing your fuel well is that you increase its lifespan and also allow your engine to function well the moment you take it out of the storage shelves.

The first thing is to ensure that you lock the fuel well in tight containers. By doing this, you will prevent condensation on the inside of the bottles, which could seriously damage your fuel and make it unusable.

Nitro fuel does keep for some time but if the next time you go use it if the fuel looks thick and gummy it has gone bad and is unusable. Additionally, you should make sure that you store your fuel in an environment with consistent temperatures and away from direct sunlight. Since you’re storing it for a long time, fluctuating temperatures and direct sunlight can make it go bad.

If you follow the above guidelines come the spring you will be able to get straight back into your racing with very few problems. Taking the time and making the effort to protect your RC nitro car will keep your asset in top working condition. As you can see, storing your Nitro RC car over winter isn’t a hard thing. It’s something you can do very easily.

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