What is a RC Car Transmitter and how does it work

What is a RC Car Transmitter and how does it work?

What Is An R C Car Transmitter? And How It Does it Works?

By Joe Rich

A RC car transmitter allows you to control your model through a radio signal from a battery operated controller. These signals operate servos that make the car go left or right or forwards or backwards.

This is a very is a very important piece of equipment and although I have used many different Transmitters I was wondering how do they actually work?

What is a RC Car Transmitter and how does it work
What is a RC Car Transmitter and how does it work

What do I need to know so I can make the right purchase decision? Things like number of channels, range, any other features

Is your RC car transmitter malfunctioning at every interval?

Is the transmitter not providing the expected range?

Even if an RC transmitter is included in with your model, it may not be the best you can get for that .

The market is loaded with great transmitters that can work effectively with your RC vehicle. In fact, top-notch transmitters often come with extra and reliable features to give your RC vehicle a boost.

Are you pondering on what is a RC car transmitter and how do they work? Keep reading this article for more details.

What Are RC Car Transmitters?

These are devices that can help you control RC vehicles wirelessly.

RC car transmitters are designed with an inbuilt antenna that helps to send commands and signals.

The commands and signals from an RC transmitter are received by a receiver found in the body of the device linked to the driving controller.

A transmitter is denoted as TX and can as well be named as a controller.

How Do RC Car Transmitters Work?

In an RC transmitter, you will discover a small handheld device.

This device also contains a radio signaler and some kind of controls.

The receiver often collects the signal emanating from an RC transmitter via a frequency.

In the RC vehicle transmitter, you will also find a power source that consists mainly of a nine-volt battery.

The function of the battery is to deliver energy for transmission of signals and the controls.

Do you know that there is a huge difference between a remote controlled and radio regulated devices?

In the case of a remote controlled device, users will notice a clear wire connection to the controller.

Radio control is usually without any wires.

In most cases, you will discover that RC car transmitters often operate at either 49 MHz or 27 MHz.

The FCC has assigned this pair of frequencies for normal consumer items such as RC toys, walkie-talkie and garage door openers.

For sophisticated RC airplanes with advanced features, frequencies 75-MHz or 72-MKz are applicable.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best RC Car Transmitter:

There is every possibility to get things mixed up when planning to purchase an RC vehicle transmitter.

Since each product comes with special features, a novice may end up selecting the wrong brand.

This section of the article will help you know the right factors to consider when choosing the best RC car transmitter.

Channels: If you are looking to purchase an RC car transmitter, it is important to always consider the channels.

Each channel created offers a unique and special function. In most cases, you will discover only 2 channels in RC cars.

This is because these channels can only deliver two special results. The steering will make use of Channel 1 and Channel 2 is assigned to the acceleration or throttle.

Sometimes, there can be a third channel that helps for the reverse transmission.

For sounds and lights, other channels can also handle these functions. Professionals are recommended to purchase RC cars with three or more channels while a newbie can maintain two.

Telemetry Features: Telemetry is a great feature to consider when exploring for a new and innovative RC vehicle transmitter.

With telemetry, you will have the opportunity to monitor a vehicle’s performance.

It will help to provide comprehensive information of different areas of your vehicle and driving such as battery performance, temperature, RPM and much more.

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Price is the first factor to consider when choosing an RC car transmitter.

Setting a specific budget is paramount in the search for a new RC transmitter.

Even if the transmitter is expensive, it does not guarantee quality. On this note, you can explore different brand and select a model that satisfies your curiosity.

In most cases, you can buy an RC vehicle transmitter under one hundred dollars.

The most expensive brands can cost around two hundred dollars.


The transmitter’s range should not be ignored in your buying process.

The level at which signals can reach the receiver will help you determine the strength of an RC car transmitter.

If the range is higher, then your vehicle will be able to send out wide and large signals.


Ergonomics should not be neglected since the transmitter may be held for several hours.

The pistol or handle of the controller should be easy to hold. Ensure that it will put a lot stress on your wrist while using the device

One important thing to know is that the controller should be lightweight.

In modern transmitters, buyers have the opportunity to tighten the throttle and adjust the steering according to their needs.

How Many Channels Are Needed For An RC Car?

The radios of most RC vehicles usually come with two amazing channels.

This is basically because a vehicle has only two major functions – throttle and steering.

Throttle maintains channel 2 while steering is assigned channel 1. Cars that make use of reverse transmissions will get three channels.

Modern Application Of RC Car Transmitters:

A PC radio remains the latest and most innovative feature in transmitters.

It will help you have total control of your vehicle.

With this innovative feature, you have the opportunity to control a plethora of vehicles at the same by using a model memory.

Dual rates remain another amazing feature that comes with this system.

With the dual rates, it is possible to select the sensitivity of the brand.

With EPAs, defining the ultimate servo for every channel is possible.

This feature is provided to support items that can be destroyed by excessive movements.

What Are Crystals And Their Function?

What is a RC Car Transmitter and how does it work
What is a RC Car Transmitter and how does it work

Crystals are RC equipment that can help to determine the frequency or channel on which the device operates with.

There is an exception to equipment operating with frequency synthesizers such as Hitec Spectra module.

A transmitter will not be able to send signals without a crystal.

There will also be a wrong frequency transmission if the crystal is not proper or good.

With a wrong crystal, a receiver will pick up garbage from the air.

It implies that a receiver will listen to the wrong transmitters when the crystal is abnormal.

Both the receiver and transmitter should have crystals of the same number to function effectively.

In RC cars, you will find three unique crystal types.

This can be found in the likes of the dual conversion crystal, single conversion crystal and transmitter crystals.

Final Thoughts.

If you are still wondering of what is a RC car transmitter and how do they work, then comprehensive information in this article has helped to resolve the problem.

With RC car transmitters, you will be able to control your vehicle wirelessly.

These devices help to send signals and commands that can be used in the final end of a receiver.

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