How Good is the Redcat Racing Rampage MT V3

How Good is the Redcat Racing Rampage MT V3

By Joe Rich

How Good is the Redcat Racing Rampage MT V3

The Rampage MT V3 is the ultimate vehicle for those looking to create a spectacle on and off of the road. With an impressive size, realistic body work detailing, and functional rims with tires designed specifically for this beast of a machine it’s impossible not to be captivated by this monster truck!

Have you ever dreamed of revving up the throttle and tearing off into open asphalt? Now those dreams have come true. The Redcat Racing Rampage MT V3 model truck is in your hands now, initiated by a powerful 32 CC gasoline 2-stroke engine that will launch you to 62 mph speeds from 0 in just 6 seconds. Dual 1/5 scale steering servos give you full control over this beast as well as its 4WD for difficult terrain. Gas tank has a capacity of 700 cc so it allows a long run time, guaranteeing loads of action and fun.

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The Rampage MT V3 is the largest vehicle from Redcat, but it’s not just size and power that make this monster trucks stand out. With an inner roll cage, a detailed truck body with eye-catching paint job as well as massive tires mounted on bead lock rims for durability.

This truck comes ready complete and boosts realistic four wheel suspension system and and aluminium oil-filled shock absorbers.

Redcat Racing is one of the most popular monster truck brands in our industry. Their release, the Redcat Rampage Mt V3 1/5 Scale Gas Monster Truck has been getting lots of attention! The Redcat Racing Rampage MT V3 1/5 Scale Gas Monster Truck is a beast on and off the track. Lets find out what this truck can do.

The MT V3 has oil filled large scale aluminum shocks for more stability when running on soft terrain and on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete. The truck has really big wide tires which provide great grip in all conditions.

The Rampage MT V3 is a powerful and dynamic four-wheeler that will not disappoint.If you’re looking for a thrilling ride, the Rampage MT offers up some big fun. With its large scale aluminum bodied oil filled shocks, coupled with four-wheel independent suspension on the ground, it’s hard to keep up! The 32cc gasoline engine sends huge amounts of power through steel drive cups and tunable sealed gear differentials for unparalleled performance. This rugged gas-powered truck can tear through tough terrain, handling everything from uneven dirt roads to rocky deserts with ease.

The MT V3 is the most dominant truck in its class, with a powerful engine and an unmatched suspension system. The suspension allows for high-speed stability while providing off road performance that can’t be beat by anything else on the market.

What’s it like to drive

Drifting through a corner, the car’s driver can feel their pulse quicken as they fight to keep themselves in control. This feeling of exhilaration is coupled with an overwhelming sense that any moment disaster could befall them and send this magnificent machine spiraling across the tarmac.

What makes driving so exciting? There are many things but one particular element stands out for me: The thrill (and fear) you get knowing how close you may come to crashing at any given time!

Specs for the Rampage MT V3

The Gas powered 2-stroke engine is an impressive and powerful machine, starting with a pull lever for easy start up. Not to mention its large capacity fuel tank which can go the distance between fill ups! And it has threaded aluminium body oil filled shocks that keep you on your toes during those rough rides in nature; not forgetting 4mm 6061 T6 Aluminium chassis parts too. With dual steering servos this vehicle will shine when manoeuvring through tight trees or obstacles like no one’s business ball bearings are used throughout so there won’t be any pesky friction slowing you down either way!

The car has a lot of features that make it easy to use and adjust. The engine is tuned easily with a choke; there’s an adjustable brake linkage so your wheel doesn’t shake as much if you’re braking at high speeds; suspension can be adjusted for driving on different surfaces like dirt or gravel roads. There are multiple shock locations where the shocks go depending on how bumpy the road is, making sure they don’t bounce too hard even though one might have broken off from hitting something in front of them.

The truck’s tires were noticeably huge, with impressive bead lock rims. They had machined aluminum shock towers and braces to make the vehicle as durable on rough terrain as possible. The battery box was also enclosed in a sleek casing that looked like it would protect its contents from anything short of a nuclear explosion!

This model comes with an amazing engine that is powerful and can be run with ease. The power of this machine comes from its 32cc 2-stroke gasoline engine which has high torque throttle/brake servo as well as dual 1/5 scale steering servos for precise control over your ride. This model also includes a radio system such that you are able to enjoy total control at all times!

What you get

Assembled & Almost Ready to Run – Requires Unleaded Gasoline (must be mixed with 2-stroke oil), 2-Stroke Oil, Air Filter Oil, AA Batteries for Transmitter.

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