Traxxas 2973 EZ Peak Live Dual 200W Charger Any Good

Traxxas 2973 EZ Peak Live Dual 200W Charger Any Good

By Joe Rich

Traxxas 2973 EZ Peak Live Dual 200W Charger Any Good

The Traxxas 2973 EZ Peak Live Dual 200W Charger is a great charger for the price. It can charge NiMH, LiPo batteries as well as lead acid cells. The device has dual channels with independent controls that allow you to charge at two different currents simultaneously or use them both in parallel mode to double your charging current!

This is just one charger in the Traxxas range.

Traxxas has a reputation for making quality products you can learn more here

This blog post will review the pros and cons of this device so you can see if it is right for you. The charger has dual channels with independent controls that allow to charge at two different currents simultaneously or use them both in parallel mode, doubling your charging current.

Traxxas 2973 EZ Peak Live Dual 200W Multi-Chemistry Charger Any Good

The device also has two independent, color-coded LED displays to show you the charge progress of both your batteries. The charger can handle 2 cell, 3 cell and 4 cell LiPo as well 5-8 cell NiMH. It is very compact for travel use, because it’s small size make this unit is perfect when space in luggage needs are limited weighing just over two pounds.

This charger comes packed full features like balance connector boards. Traxxas ID system, one button LiPo storage charge and supports Traxxas live application.

Traxxas ID Technology

What is a Traxxas id battery? With Traxxas iD, you can plug in your battery and the charger will automatically configure settings for optimal charge. You’ll never have to worry about doing it manually again!

Traxxas iD batteries are safer and easier to charge than any other type of lithium-ion battery. Just plug it in, push the start button on your Traxxas charger, and this intelligent device handles all the settings with precision for a quick optimized charge every time.

Traxxas EZ-Peak Live Charger is a Fast and Safe way to charge LiPo batteries with Intelligent Balancing. The charger recognizes Traxxas iD equipped batteries for automatic programming, optimizing settings as well as LED Charge Progress Indicator that shows the charging status in percentage points. This device has optimized programming for faster balancing of lithium polymer (LiPo) battery packs which are used on many RC cars today!

You can store your charged batteries safely by using one button Lithium Po Storage Mode protecting your investment from overcharging or potential damage due to storage without use. Advanced high resolution peak detection delivers perfect chargers every time while Audible alerts keep you informed if there was an error during charging process.

Ease of use

With the press of a single button, EZ-Peak Live charges iD equipped batteries with ease.

If you desire more control over your charger features there is an app for that! The free and easy to use EZ-Peak Live App installs on any Apple, iPad or Android device for easy access via built in Bluetooth connection.

You’ll find programming procedures are simplified by using this high definition interface which offers color coded operation instructions depending on what kind of battery it’s charging at a given time.

Traxxas’ E-Z Charge Dual Power Plus features a 100 watt 12 amp output, easy to use interface with the included Traxxas Ez Peak Live Application. It supports all of your favorite current generation vehicles including electric powered cars such as Slash 4×4; Rally 2WD short course truck.


Traxxas EZ Peak Live Dual, 200W Multi-Chemistry Charger with ID

The cutting-edge technology of the advanced peak detection charger ensures that your battery stays safe while charging. You’ll be informed on how much time is left until it’s full thanks to its progress bar and pre programmed audible alerts.

The dual power plus model also has an integrated cooling fan for overheat protection while charging or discharging batteries so you can charge without having to worry about overheating. Advanced mode gives full manual control via the application when used together with legacy support for your existing connector plugs that are compatible on your RC car.

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