The 10 Best RC Nitro Car Accessories

The 10 Best RC Nitro Car Accessories

By Joe Rich

The Best 10 RC Nitro Car Accessories

The nitro RC car is a very popular hobby for many people. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular – they’re fast, easy to control, and have a lot of potential for customization.

But the fun doesn’t stop with the car itself! When you get into nitro RC cars, you’ll find that there are tons of accessories available that can make your experience even better.

So you have got your nitro RC car and are ready to go racing you will begin to realise that you will need some extra stuff in tools or accessories

Nitro cars are much more complicated than their electric counter parts.

So most people start off with a electric car then move up to a nitro powered model.

This is because they have an actual engine fitted these all have moving parts and need to be set up and then comes wear and tear that is associated with a working engine.

These engines will also require a break in procedure before they can be used we have an article showing you how to do this by clicking here.

Servicing on a regular basis with the cost and spares that’s involved can put some people off. But these should not put you off because the fun and excitement a nitro powered car can give you

So here are the 10 best RC Nitro Car Accessories

This what we will covering

  • The car
  • Air Filter
  • Glow Plugs
  • Fuel
  • Plug Igniters
  • Filler Bottles
  • High Performance Air Filter
  • Foam Filter Oil
  • Temperature Gun
  • Storage Bag

For more information on any item just click on any image

The Car

Ok not quite an accessory but this is the most important part and this will determine what you will need.

We have recommended pages for kit nitro RC Cars and ready to run nitro RC Cars.

To view our recommended ready to run RC Cars click here


If you are in need of a new engine because of wear and tear or issues or the engine becoming gummed up from being stored for to long then a off the shelf replacement will be needed.

We would recommend the RC 18 Nitro engine.

This engine is suitable for most 1:10 scale nitro models

It has a high torque and high power output capable of an incredible 36000 rpm

Made from high quality materials for a long durable life.

Click here to learn more on Amazon

For larger 1:8 scale models there is Xiangtat Racing S30 engine this engines revs to 33000 rpm and has 3.8 hp.

This engine is engineered for long lasting performance.

Both these engines are pull start.

We have an article all about servicing your nitro car click here to view.

Click here to learn more on Amazon

Air Filter

As with any engine it has to be able to breath properly and this is all down to the air filter.

This cheap and easily upgradable item is the first step to a tune up.

So for under $10 the sharegoo alloy capped air filter is an inexpensive way to upgrade or replace a broken filter.

Suitable for most 1:8 scale nitros.

Click here to learn more on Amazon

Glow Plugs

Always good to have spares of glow plugs in your tool kit or on the shelf at home.

Really cheap component but a really vital one.

If this goes wrong then its a no go for your racing fun.

Available in packs of 6.

Click here to learn more on Amazon


Fuel is of coarse a basic necessity and is available already mixed.

This takes the headache of having to get the right ratios of oil and fuel correct and causing damage.

20% is the usual mix.

Click here to learn more on Amazon

Plug Igniters

A plug igniter is an essential bit of kit needed to start your nitro RC car.

An inexpensive piece of kit.

Uses AA batteries.

The Team Lossi igniter featured has one hand operation and a powerful battery to keep you racing all day.

Click here to learn more on Amazon

Filler Bottles

Nitro fuel is very dangerous not only for its flammable qualities but it is actually poisonous.

So you want to handle it as little as possible.

The Traxxas 5001 fuel filler has a 500 cc capacity.

A clear body .

It also has an anodized aluminium spout.

Click here to learn more on Amazon

Foam Filter Oil

Foam filter oil is especially for air filters.

It is sticky oil so it traps all the dirt and dust particles in the filter and stops them from getting into your engine.

Foam oil is not a lubricating oil it is only to be used on foam air filters.

Click here to learn more on Amazon

Temperature Gun

If you have bought your new engine you are going to have to break it in.

This will require you to run the engine in stages to a certain temperature.

The best tool for this is Eteck city infrared hand held temperature gun.

It has a range of 58F to 716F (50C -380C)

Easy grip handle and back lit LCD display for simple use.

Easy to clean so can be used in the field.

We have an article all about breaking in a nitro engine click here to view

Click here to learn more on Amazon

Storage Bag

It is good practise that when you are travelling to a race meeting or just going round to a friends for a bash to keep all your RC kit in a organised carrier.

With the Apex carry bag you can take your 1:10 scale car or buggy in fact it will carry up to 1:8 scale with ease.

There is plenty of room for all your tools and accessories remotes and chargers.

Heavy duty construction zips and carry strap make the Apex a good choice.

Click here to learn more on Amazon

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