how to remove paint from rc car body

How to Remove Paint from RC Car Body

By Joe Rich

How to remove paint from RC car body

RC cars are a ton of fun to play with, and if you’re the proud owner of one that has been well maintained, then you’ll want to know how to remove RC car body paint that has become a bit beaten up and chipped.

The process is very simple and can be done in just a few minutes.
Here’s what you need: -a plastic container or bucket for storage purposes -warm water (preferably distilled) -dish soap (1 teaspoon per gallon of water) -paper towels or old washcloth and some paint remover.

Sand the car body with a sanding sponge to remove any loose paint

Sanding the car body with a sanding sponge helps to remove any loose paint and create a smooth, pristine finish.

Use your hand or a brush to rub off all of the loosened paint

Use your hand or a brush to rub off all the loosened paint. You might want to wear gloves so you don’t get sore hands, but make sure they are sturdy enough that it won’t rip!

Rinse thoroughly with water until no more dirt and loose paint are left

Wipe dry with clean cloths or paper towels

Alternatives to paint strippers

There are lots of different ways and products to remove the paint from your bodyshell. The first things to try are items you probably have lying around at home in your shed or garage, WD40 and brake fluid. very good at removing paint but do need very careful cleaning afterwards.

Nitro fuel is another way to remove paint and so is nail polish remover but buy your own don’t steal your wife’s as this could lead to major problems, for you anyhow.

When ever I have to repaint one of my body shells I always use paint remover. The remover I use is Strip magic its a good product that does not damage the body shell.

If you are going to use a remover read the instructions on the paint remover.

Read the instructions on the paint remover and it’ll tell you how to use the product properly and safely.
Aerosol-powered, liquid or paste paint removers can be applied by spraying onto surfaces that need stripping and leaving a few minutes before removing with paper towels or a cloth. It may take patience but will likely not require much effort if using these products properly!
The best thing to do would be reading the directions first because they will save you time, money and a trip to the emergency room.

Apply a thin layer of stripper to an area and let it sit for 10-15 minutes

Scrape or rub off the softened paint with a soft cloth or plastic scraper, then rinse with water

Repeat this process until all paint is removed from car body surface

Clean up any leftover residue by washing with soap and water

Dry completely before applying new paint. Don’t forget to dry your shell completely before painting it. I made that mistake once and the result is not pretty.

Make sure to use a paint remover that is for the type of paint being removed. Be careful not to inhale the fumes from any of these products and do everything you can to avoid getting it on your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, wear gloves while removing RC Car Body car paint with this technique. Always work in a well ventilated area wear a mask and eye protection. Never ever (ever!) breathe in the solvent vapours!

There are a some paint removers that have no fumes these are just as effective as solvent based strippers.

We have an article on how to paint your body shell if you would like to read it click here

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Sometimes, RC cars get into accidents and need to have the paint removed because of chipping or cracking. RC Car Body paint removal is an easy task. It requires more than just a little elbow grease and some strong soapy water.

The biggest requirement is patience take your time to get it right, a good paint job is reliant on good prep work and time taken in the actual spraying/painting process.

This is my Subaru Impreza body shell that after many happy hours of racing and bashing needed stripping and respraying.

Before I removed the paint from my RC car body
After respraying

Finish was pretty good just take your time and the result will be worth it.

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