What Is the Most Expensive RC Car in the World?

What Is the Most Expensive RC Car in the World?

By Joe Rich

What Is the Most Expensive RC Car in the World?

Though it may seem to be a hobby for children, owning an RC car can get quite expensive.

Given the fact that you can customize and tinker with just about any aspect of these vehicles, it should come as little surprise that the costs can begin to get up there.

That’s not even taking into account those who race RC cars competitively.

Maintaining and modifying your RC car can incur several costs, making it quite the expensive hobby.

Which leads to the question: what is the most expensive RC car in the world?

The answer might surprise you but this guide will not only take you into the answer to that question but what other models are out there that may not be quite so expensive but carry a big price tag regardless.

Mercedes Maybach 6

This is definitely not something that you would consider an RC car but it is remote controlled all the same.

This massive 18-foot vehicle provides all of the exquisite luxury that comes with the Mercedes name while allowing remote control functionality.

What Is the Most Expensive RC Car in the World?
What Is the Most Expensive RC Car in the World?

Different from the Tesla where the car operates without the need of the driver (though the driver remains in the seat), the Maybach 6 allows for complete remote control automation that enables the car to maneuver through any space complete with the angle of the steering.

As it is a prototype, there is no sticker price associated but given the fact that it is a Mercedes Maybach that is remote controlled, it will certainly be more than the $198,000 price tag that the 2018 Maybach model costs.

More Common (But Still Expensive) RC Cars

Though there are no true RC cars out there that can match the price of the full-sized Maybach, don’t be fooled.

There are some really expensive options out there.

But understanding which ones carry those price tags and why can help you understand the very high end of RC cars.

The Freefly Tero is perhaps the most expensive RC car out there and it is also one of the most different as well.

It carries a $5500 price tag with it, making it perhaps the most expensive RC car there is.

And there’s a major difference between the Tero and most other RC cars; whereas the others are made for racing, the Tero is made to be used with camera equipment.

The Tero allows for camera angles unlike ever before. This is due to well-engineered tires, a chassis, and an electric engine.

For amateur filmmakers who want to get some great low-level action shots, the Tero makes for a fantastic option.

There are more niche options too.

Take the Mad Max 2 Road Warrior Interceptor. Inspired by the film of its namesake, this car will run you over $1000.

This means that it’s not something that you want to go running around your backyard with.

And while there are quite a few other famous models out there that have been copied, the Mad Max 2 might be the priciest of the bunch.

There are also cars out there that mimic and copy many real-life car models out there.

From the Nissan 350z to the Toyota Hilux, there are a variety of different real-life car models out there that come equipped with the tiniest of details.

Maybe you can’t afford to get the real thing but the RC car will come equipped with the same designs shrunk down.

This allows you to get the kind of experience that you would have out of the regular-sized thing.

It is not uncommon for these miniature copies to cost well over $1000, making them a serious investment for RC enthusiasts out there.

 They also offer full customization, meaning that you can get the precise performance out of these RC cars that you desire.

What Is the Best of the High-Priced Cars?

For the serious RC car enthusiasts out there, finding the optimal car can mean hitting any number of criteria.

 It might not be the fastest, it might not be the prettiest, but it will implement an unmatched level of control and precision that can’t be found in cheaper models.

Traxxas is one of the premier names in the RC Car industry for precisely these reasons.

Take the XO-1 AWD Supercar.

It is capable of hitting 100mph while maintaining a lightweight design and maximum control even in the tightest of terrains.

Traxxas also has several models to fit different terrains.

Their TRX-4 Rock Crawler can provide the kind of climbing power that makes it versatile enough to take on even the roughest and toughest of terrains out there.

There’s also the Unlimited Desert Racer that can tackle top speeds in open spaces while handling the wear and tear of the terrain.

Cars such as this can be had for as little as a few hundred dollars all the way up into the $1000+ range.

It comes down to what you are looking for out of your vehicle.

Being able to hit top speed is great but unless you are on a track or in a huge, wide-open space, the car will need to have superior control to keep from flipping over and tumbling.

Being able to customize your RC car also means that you can implement the changes to the car that fit most of your needs.

Perhaps you find a car that meets most of your criteria but needs a bit of a change in the slipper clutch or brakes.

 You can then make those changes to ensure that you are getting the performance out of it that you are paying for.

RC cars are a hobby that has maintained popularity over the years and with good reason.

Being able to recreate life-sized vehicles right down to the customization can provide hours of fun and the ability to get as creative as you can dream.

The price tag, however, can get pretty big too.

But that big price tag carries with it some cool performance features that could not be achieved otherwise.

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