HITEC X2 700 Multi Charger

Best RC Car Race Battery Chargers and Power Packs

Best RC Car Race Battery Chargers and Power packs

RC racing is something that thousands upon thousands of people enjoy.

What’s not to love? You can create the kind of car that you have always dreamed of without the serious investment that a life-sized car offers.

Not only that, you can completely customize your car, too.

Creating the car you want down to the fine details keeps RC drivers entertained and looking to make improvements to their cars.

It offers entertainment that other mediums can’t hope to match.

One issue that plagues those using battery-powered RC cars is that the batteries tend to die relatively quickly.

This can be offset by having multiple sets of batteries on hand so that a quick swap out is all that is needed to keep your car on the track.

That means having a reliable, dependable RC car battery charger that will keep your batteries juiced and ready to go when you need them again.

Without the right charger, you might be left without the backup that is ready to go.

That keeps you off the road and waiting for your batteries to charge.

These aren’t the chargers that you are used to.

These are quick, 15-minute chargers that will get your RC car batteries to capacity in no time.

There is more than just charging, too.

Racers need a unit that has multiple battery types as well as cycle, balance, discharge, and so much more.

Chargers like those also are a bit more complicated.

Some have LCD screens, others color touch screens, and others yet with backlit screens.

These allow you to monitor your power levels on the fly so you can know which batteries are ready to go at that instant.

Also worth keeping in mind is the cost.

These are not your AC adaptors that you buy from the store for $10.

These are heavy-duty, quick-charge units that offer several input/output options and have screens built in.

They give you more than any typical charging unit ever could.

So, that leaves the question as to which chargers are the best for your need.

The 10 best RC car battery chargers you can buy today will keep you ready and moving on race day, never having to wait for your spares to charge.

Keep an eye out for these 10 battery chargers and you will be ready to go on race day.

Because speed is the name of the game and you should not have to slow down just because your batteries aren’t ready to go.

The chargers we are going to be looking at are

Junsi Adjustable Output Power Supply

HITEC ePower Box 50 Amp Power Supply

Junsi iCharger Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger

LRP Power Supply

Junsi iCharger 306B Battery Charger

Graupner Polaron EX1400 Charger

LRP Pulsar Touch Charger

HITEC X2 700 Multi Charger

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Junsi Adjustable Output Power Supply

This is a major league unit.

With 1200W and 50 amps for a power supply, this unit offers three different outputs to power up anything that you could need within your pit.

The voltage output is actually adjustable and can range from 11.5v all the way up to 24.5v.

Even better, the display is easy to read. It tells you what your output voltage is and the current “on time” for when your battery will finish charging.

That allows you to time your charges down to the second to keep your car zipping around the track efficiently.

It is also built with internal cooling fans.

This helps to keep the unit operating at maximum levels without the threat of burnout or overheating.

There are also safety features built in to keep the unit working safely.

These include over voltage, over current, over temperature, over loan, and short circuit protection to keep you safe while using your Junsi unit.

This is one of the premier units out there for serious racers and serious racing requires a serious investment.

One of these bad boys will ensure that you never have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of a race ever again.

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HITEC ePower Box 50 Amp Power Supply

Not every racer is looking for something that has the fanciest screen for viewing their battery charge levels.

This unit meets all of the basic needs that an RC racer will have without having to splurge for an oversized screen or unnecessary bells and whistles.

This unit provides 50 amps of current.

Not only that, it has an input voltage range that starts at 100VAC and ranges all the way up to 240VAC.

It also has an adjustable output that ranges from 15 VDC to 30 VDC.

There is a backlit LCD that is a few inches in size, but it is very easy to read so that you can get the information that you need at a moment’s notice.

There’s no need to spend unnecessary money on an oversized screen that would convey the same information.

There are even a variety of outlets with two USB ports so that you can charge tablets, cell phones, and any other mobile device that you may need with you on race day.

The key here is versatility so that you can keep anything that you may need charged right there with you.

Spending a fortune on the best may seem like a necessity, but oftentimes you can get most of the functionality out of a much more expensive practical unit.

 This is one of those cost-practical units that will do the job that you need it to do at a fraction of the price.

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Junsi iCharger Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger

Though this isn’t quite as fancy and high end as the aforementioned Junsi unit, it certainly gets the job done all the same.

It uses what is known as advanced high current as well as a high-performance DC/DC converter to deliver a whopping 2000W of charging power to the table.

This unit also brings with it a maximum charge/discharge that can reach 40A per channel.

It also has two channels that can sync together to reach up to 70A in power.

That is some major league power that not every battery unit is able to bring to the table.

Having an LCD screen that will provide all of the information that you need is great, too.

You can see power, voltage, current, internal resistance, capacity, time-consuming, control status, temperature, and all that you can possibly think of.

This is simply one of the most comprehensive units that there is so that you can track every piece of information that you can possibly need.

You can even add the connectors of your choice so that you can update it however you choose.

One of the more affordable options from Junsi, this is one of the most complete battery charging options out there for RC racers and one that you will come to depend on, thanks to all of the unique options that it brings to the table.

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LRP Power Supply

Sometimes, pit space is at a premium and wasting a bunch of space on a huge battery charger is not in the cards.

That is why it is important to have a compact, powerful unit that can get the job done without taking up all of your space.

This power supply has two connectors for output for 12V devices.

It also features a 20-amp output of current and 13.8V of output voltage.

This makes it one of the perfect systems available for operating in a small pit where space is at a premium.

Even better, it comes with a 1-Amp/5V output port that is ideal for charging smaller devices.

This includes your smartphones, tablets, and any other type of mobile device that you may need with you in the pit on that day.

There is no display screen, but that is because the unit itself is so compact.

Moreover, it has an anodized aluminum casing that is a crisp blue so that it will stand up to the wear and tear of the pit and be moved around on a regular basis.

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Junsi iCharger 306B Battery Charger

Junsi has established itself as a name to be reckoned with in the charger industry and for good reason.

This is the smallest and most portable of their units, but it certainly packs a punch while charging lithium based packs with a 30-amp charge rate.

There are also tools that are built in to measure things such as the internal resistance that your batteries have as well as safely discharging your battery packs for easier storage capabilities.

This unit can also perform a variety of charges for lithium-based packs.

This includes fast charges, normal charges, balance charges, discharge, cycle, and storage charges.

Built with a small backlit display, you can keep track of your charges easily and the unit is compact enough that it can come with you anywhere without taking up too much space.

 It also comes standard with balance boards, charge cables using the alligator clips, a USB cable, and many more accessories that will make your charging situation ideal for any race day.

If you are looking for an affordable, space-saving option to charge your lithium-based batteries, this is a great choice.

Junsi is one of the top names in the industry and they provide quality no matter what the price point.

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Graupner Polaron EX1400 Charger

This is one of the few units that actually has multiple color options, giving you a choice between red and black to fit your personal design motif.

Like most of the other units, it has two outputs.

These outputs are able to provide 700W and 30 amps of power to whatever you need to charge.

With 1400W of total power, this unit is packed into a compact case and even offers a 3.0 TFT screen that is touch sensitive.

All of your controls are easily accessed through your touch-screen system, making it user-friendly to access all of the necessary inputs.

This unit is also versatile in the types of battery that it will charge, so you won’t have to worry about what type of battery that your car has.

There are even profiles that can be created that control the cell numbers, battery type, and capacity.

This is to ensure that the charge occurs efficiently and safely.

With a built-in servo and motor tester, you will also get all of the cables that you need.

USB cable, two temperature sensors, charging cables, charger stand, alligator clips, and XH 8S adapter cables all come standard with this unit.

This is one of the most complete units that there is.

Thanks to the touch screen, you can also get what you want without having to use a comprehensive manual to do it.

LRP Pulsar Touch Charger

This is a unique looking charger in that it doesn’t have the standard square or rectangular shape that all the others have.

In a sharp, vibrant blue color, this charger has a ton of built-in features to make charging your batteries easier than ever.

With a backlit blue screen, you can even customize up to five different profiles so that you can create specific charging profiles for each of your charging needs.

Even better, it has a ton of different modes that include balance charging that has an adapter built into the side of the unit itself.

With high performance LiPo/LiFePo balancing, this unit will detect any differences that there are in the cells.

When it does this, it will begin to automatically balance out those cells resulting in a much longer lifetime for your battery and better performance than ever before.

A USB port is included so that you can run firmware updates whenever needed, so this unit will never be outdated.

This is a price-friendly, comprehensive unit that comes with some cool perks and features.

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HITEC X2 700 Multi Charger

This is one of the best-looking, most comprehensive units on the list and it comes in at a mid-range cost. It also has a pair of 700-watt output ports.

That means a 30-amp charge rate so that you can increase capacity and get even faster charge times than ever before.

Best of all, you can get a multitude of charges out of this unit.

That means you get a fast charge, a regular charge, a storage charge, and a balance charge.

With dual LCD screens, you can set things up easily and even monitor the progress of your charges.

This unit also comes with all of the accessories that you could need such as balancing boards, charging cables of three different varieties, battery clamps, and so much more.

Not quite compact, but not quite huge, it is the kind of unit that fits into any pit and can charge anything that you need on short notice.

Any of these units would make a fine addition to your RC pit. You can charge whatever you need in super-fast order with easy-to-navigate backlit screens.

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