Top 3 RC car FPV Cameras

Top 3 RC car FPV Cameras

By Joe Rich

Top 3 RC car FPV Cameras

If you ever wanted to get a driver’s eye view from your RC car as I did then you could buy a RC car fitted with a camera or you could retro fit a camera to your favourite RC car.

I have split this article into two parts the first half is a review of models that come with a camera fitted.

The second half is a review of cameras that can be retro fitted to your current RC model.

What is FPV

FPV camera is short for “First Person View.” It’s a video feed that enables the driver to experience racing as if they were onboard. FPV cameras are usually mounted in the car and transmit images back, where it is displayed on an LCD monitor or goggles.

One of these devices can be used with any RC vehicle that has an available power source and supports remote control mode.

The most common application for FPV cameras in RC cars is racing, because there are many different types of racing vehicles which require various features like speed, precision steering, suspension tuning etc., but all must have some form of visual feedback from their surroundings.

If you are looking for the best FPV camera mounted remote control cars or just an FPV camera, here is a top 3 of all you want to know about the models, cameras, features and the brand.

FPV (First Person View) cameras are mounted on your car and give you a live feed through real-time video transmitter on your remote control, smart phone or monitor.

With hundreds of features and brands it isn’t always easy to choose the one you need, so here is a list compiled for you.

Top 3 FPV camera remote control cars available on amazon based on customer reviews.

REMOKING RC Hobby Toys Military Truck with FPV HD Camera

This model is ready to run.

This model comes with working lights and a choice of tire type.

You can choose between tracks or tires.

Has a run time of 20 mins approx.

The Gilobaby is a 4 wheel drive 1:16 scale car with 2.4 Ghz control.

A high-speed remote control car, it can touch speeds up to 20 km/hr.

 The control distance is up to 80 meters and Wi-Fi transmission distance is up to 40 meters.

 The camera is 480p HD Wi-Fi enabled and you can watch the transmission via Mobile in real time.

 You just have to download the I-Spy car app from the app store to start enjoying the racing experience.

 You can take high-resolution pictures and make videos while driving.

 This is not recommended for those who are below 12 years of age so far.

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DEERC RC Cars DE36W Remote Control Cars with FPV

This model is a ready to run.

Has a run time of approx 30 mins.

This is a 4 wheel drive 1:16 scale with 2.4 Ghz control.

This model has the capability to be driven in 2 modes. Mode 1 is through the 2,4 GHz remote control system and the 2nd way is through a mobile phone driving app.

It can go up to a speed of 15 km/h and is one of the best available remote control cars with FPV.

The camera is 720p HD Wi-Fi with first person view transmission, photos and video can be viewed on a mobile after installing the app.

The control distance is about 165 feet and can be connected to the Wi-Fi which has a 100 foot distance.

The camera can view any scene from a different angle and you will be able to take stills from and the camera is easily adjustable.
The camera can be charged with a USB cable and you can take HD pictures and videos with it on the run.

Big anti skid tires are fitted for rough and slippery terrain.

The operations are simple and if you are just starting you will intuitively get a feel and hang of it. Suitable for all ages.

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Gizmovine Remote Control Car with Camera

This is a ready to run model.

Has a run time of 15-20 mins approx.

This model has the capability to be driven in 2 modes. Mode 1 is through the 2,4 GHz remote control system and the 2nd way is through a mobile phone driving app.

The Gizmovine RC trucks can go up to the speed of 20 km/h and while on the move you can take photos and videos.

The control distance is about 150 meters and the Wi-Fi gives you real-time feedback without delay this has a distance 90 feet.

Big heavy duty tires and rugged construction makes it ideal for the toughest terrains.

 With waterproof electronics it can be driven in rain and snow.

A 4WD experience with remote control: you can use it to explore or simply drive for the sheer love of racing.

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These were the few good options available in the market if you are looking to buy a new RC car with FPV.

All these models are under $100 so are good value.

But what if you already have a RC car and you are just looking to retrofit an FPV?

These can easily be fitted to most RC models with some simple brackets or even some double sided tape.

Spotter V2 Micro FPV AIO Camera

The Camera for your RC Car comes with 700 TVL (Television Lines) 170-degree wide-angle cameras.

The video transmitter is able to operate on 40 channels.

The Spotter V2 can be powered by receiver.

It also includes OSD (On Screen Display) with a microphone.

It weighs 9g and has a dimension of 32 x 18.3 x 15 mm.

The frequency can be adjusted with Button and is considered suitable for RC Car or planes.

The FPV camera has Cloverleaf antenna for better signal reception and also works with FPV goggles like Fat Shark which is easily available in the market.

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Wolfwhoop WT03 Micro FPV AIO 600 TVL Camera

Operates on 40 channels.

Powered by a 1s LiPo battery not included.
The most prominent feature is the size: the whole unit can fit into your palm.

The unit contains an FPV camera, transmitter and Cloverleaf antenna for better signal.

This, too, is compatible with FPV goggles. It can be easily installed with almost no effort.

The Camera provides High image resolution, Perfect low illumination, and nice image contour.

The Black PCB (Printed Circuit Board) prevents leaking of light so that you get to capture the true colours of whatever you are trying to click.

It only weighs 5g and has an area of 19.50 x 14 mm.

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Spektrum Waterproof FPV Transmitter Camera

This camera operates on multiple channels.

This camera can be powered by a servo or by a separate battery.
The most prominent feature of the Camera is the protective covering that makes it durable for all season and environment.

The image clarity is maintained even with limited light. The FPV camera can be easily installed without much effort so far.

The camera is water and dust resistant making it great for rugged terrains or where the shock is expected while racing.

Its integrated power filter doesn’t allow interference.

It only weighs 0.96 ounces and their dimensions are 4.1 x 3.2 x 2.3 inches and are manufactured by Horizon Hobby.

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While selecting an FPV camera you need to consider features here is a list of terms and there meanings that you might come across.

  • F O V  –  Field Of View
  • D R   –  Dynamic Range
  • C M O S  –  Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor  
  • C C D –  Charged Coupled Device imaging sensors
  • T V L  –  Television Lines
  • F P V  –  First Person View

There are several display sizes Standard, Mini, Micro, Nano.

Latency is the time delay in capturing an image and the time that image is displayed.

Resolution is the amount of detail an image has the higher the resolution the better the detail.

Frame Rate is a simple way of measuring how many videos are captured per second.

The idea is that you now have an understanding of all the features that come with RC cars fitted with FPV cameras as well as cameras that can be fitted to your own RC car.

These cameras are great fun, inexpensive and can add a new dimension to your racing.

Why not get one today film some races and start your own you tube channel.

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