By Joe Rich.

When choosing your transmitter you can either buy a good quality one first time out something that will last you for years or buy a lesser cheap model that will not be capable of doing the job properly.

In this post we are looking at a mid priced transmitters these are will give many years of good racing or bashing reliability.

Futaba started manufacturing in 1948 so have been making quality RC models and accessories for many years.

They have a vast range of both pistol and stick transmitters to suit every RC modeler what ever the level they are at.

Futaba 3PRKA 3 channel 2.4G

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The first transmitter we wold recommend is the Futaba 3PRKA 3 channel.

This is a very affordable 2.4 Ghz pistol grip transmitter.

Its excellent value for money makes it a good choice for me and any beginner or a economical upgrade for your current model.

The 3PRKA has Futaba FHSS system (frequency hopping spread spectrum).

This will eliminate any interference risks you might have when racing.

Additional safety features.

Throttle fail safe.

This will shut down the throttle to a pre set position if the signal is lost or interrupted .

This feature will prevent runaway models and cold save any costly damage.

Low battery warning

A flashing LED lets you know when battery voltage has dropped to low.

Duel rate steering

Easy control steering via a thumb wheel makes fast turns very controllable.

Really useful when racing.

Third channel

This transmitter comes with a 3rd channel this would be ideal if you have a second steering servo, headlights or lights that flash.

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Built in antenna.

No need for a straw as the antenna is built in.


The range is more than enough, as far as you can see and more so no chance of coming to a halt.

I have tried many transmitters and a feel that the Futaba is good quality at a good price that will give great performance making it a great choice.

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