EV PEAK CQ3 LiPo Battery Balance Charger, 100W*4

By Joe Rich

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EV PEAK CQ3 LiPo Battery Balance Charger, 100W*4

EV PEAK CQ3 LiPo Battery Balance Charger, 100W*4

1. AC/DC Dual Input Mode

This battery provides for the option of the user choosing an input of 11V to 18V DC or an input of 110V or 220V AC. It comes with an already inbuilt power supply and all you have to do is to directly plug the AC power cord into the socket.

The fact that it can take either 110V or 220V AC input allows you the flexibility to use it worldwide without having to worry about wrong voltage inputs.

2. End Voltage Adjustable

The EV PEAK independently monitors and balances individual battery cells during the charging process.

Should any error occur during this process, the battery will display a notification and the process automatically halted.

This usually happens when an anomaly is detected in the voltage of any one of the batteries.

3. Cell Battery Voltage Measurement

You can measure your battery’s capacity to charge using the formula; charging current * the time.

Once you have measured this for the battery you are charging simply set the optimum charge value on the EV PEAK and it will automatically end the charging process once this limit has been reached.

4. 10 Battery Memory

The way that you choose to charge a Lithium battery dictates the length of time that the battery will serve you.

The EV PEAK-CQ3 comes with options for you to choose from. You can choose the “Fast” option or the “Store” option.

The fast option will have your battery full in no time however, the battery losses power faster than when you choose the store option.

The store mode of charging enables the EV PEAK battery to control your battery’s end voltage in a bid to conserve and prolong battery use.

5. Charge/ discharge/storage/ recycle multi-function modes

The battery comes with multiple functions to ease your daily use.

It comes with a fan to control temperature, a USB kit to enable you upgrade the firmware whenever needs arises, it has a pre charge function as well as CC/CV option.

6. Safety Protection

The manufacturers of this battery had your safety at the fore front, and it comes embedded with over current, short circuit, over voltage, over temperature and reverse polarity functionalities to ensure your safety.

7. Four Channel Independent Output

This functionality gives you the option to charge your batteries from whichever end you may choose.

In order to help you understand the EV-PEAK CQ3 LiPo-Battery Balance-Charger 100W*4 in-depth, let’s do a quick review of its features, specs and how you can use it.


  • The EV PEAK has a charge power of 100W*4, and you can use it on an input voltage of 110V or 220V AC or 11V-18V DC.
  • Its discharge capacity is 100W*4.
  • It has a charge current of (0.1A-10A)*4 and a discharge current of (0.1A-5A)*4
  • . LiPo/Life/LiHv battery cell count is 1-6S while the NiMH/NiCd battery cell count is 1-15 cells.
  • Its battery voltage is at 2-24V. The battery dimensions are 220*240*64mm. It weighs 1750g.

How it can be used
This battery charger gives you the flexibility to charge from your home as well as your car.

Its independent output of 4 channels means that you can charge 4 batteries at the same time.

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The EV PEAK CQ3 LiPo Battery Balance Charger, 100W*4 is a great all round charger that will cater for all your needs and will continue to be as you progress in this great hobby.

Very few chargers are as powerful as the EV PEAK CQ3 LiPo charger.

Being 4* means that it can accommodate a maximum of 4 different types of batteries at a go- a testimony to its strength.

The battery has 4* LCD screens that are back lit independently enabling you to charge your batteries in intervals very easily.

Because of the range of batteries that can be charged this charger will be the only charger you will need to buy that’s why it is our top choice.

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