BEZGAR 6 1 16 Scale Remote Control Truck

Is BEZGAR 6 Remote Control Truck Any Good

By Joe Rich

Is BEZGAR 6 Remote Control Truck Any Good

The BEZGAR 6 Remote Control Truck is a great beginner remote control truck that comes with everything you need to get started. This RC truck includes a 2 channel transmitter, a brushed motor that can power this truck to 42kph with a host of other features read on for the pros and cons of this product.

BEZGAR Toys Company Ltd., China’s leading manufacturer since 1993!. This also makes them very affordable as well so they won’t break anyone budget either –

What you get in the box.

1 * RC Truck

1 * Rapid Charger

1 * User Manual

1 * Fireproof battery Bag

1 * Transmitter (Battery is included)

4 * Spare Body Clips

2 * USB Charging Cable

2 * 7.4V 1000mAh LI-PO Batteries

Body and chassis

The BEZGAR Remote Control Truck comes with headlights that turn automatically when you switch this vehicle ON; they are positioned at both sides in front bumper which can illuminate wider area than before while still being able make sure where exactly your RC car is heading and what direction it is going.

You will even be able to detect what terrain you are on under insufficient light conditions such at night. This makes the night time driving experience more realistic without compromising safety by using headlight instead tail lights like other models do (which could cause confusion). This feature makes these trucks not only good but a excellent choice if looking forward taking them outdoors

The reinforced body frame is made of PA and nylon which has many properties such as abrasive resistance, resistant to chemicals etc. All these qualities help the truck reduce impact caused by collisions that prolongs its life cycle. The whole chassis for this remote-control car are manufactured from synthetic thermoplastic linear polyamide (PAN) with a high strength rating in order not only withstand crashes but also absorb them.

Drive and Suspension

This four-wheel drive remote control truck is lightweight and tough.
It has adjustable suspension, which is great because it lets you change the settings of the shocks with ease.

This damper system allows this remote control truck to be better in handling mud, wet grass, gravels and other loose surfaces.

The BEZGAR RC Truck is also equipped with a high-quality brushed motor, which has the ability to produce more power than most other motors. This means that this truck will be able for longer periods of time without overheating and burning out like some cheaper models do when they are pushed too hard or used in extreme conditions such as off roading on rough terrain . The metal geared steers have been designed so well it can withstand collisions from crashes prolongs lifespan cycle.

The Bezgar 6 has loads of metal parts for durability these include Metal Diff. outdrive cups, Metal CVD drive shafts, Machined metal spur gear, Metal Diff. complete and Metal oil filled shocks.


The ESCs are designed to be waterproof so you can take the truck out in rain or snow without worrying about damaging it, but not submerging into water.

Is BEZGAR 6 Remote Control Truck Any Good


The tires are made of thermoplastic rubber, and have a specific tread design that allows the RC truck to maintain better grip while racing.


The transmitter has a functional knob that can allow users to adjust the high and low speed modes. This means you are able choose an appropriate top-speed limit according your actual user’s ability, so if the user is a beginner they wont be crashing into everything at full speed destroying the back yard or the car. Starting at a lower speed also will stop any frustration coming in as they learn to control the car, to fast and crashing all the time will dishearten them they get bored and loose interest.

The remote controller is very easy to use with a simple design that makes it perfect for beginners. It has an ergonomic grip and the buttons are well spaced out so you don’t have any issues operating this RC truck set at all – even if your hands aren’t big enough!

Batteries and Charging

The car comes with 2 1000mHa LiPo battery’s these give a run time of 20-25 minutes from each battery so up to 50 minutes total run time, each battery takes 2.5 hours to charge.

Provided is a battery charging and storage bag essential for safe LiPo usage.

Is BEZGAR 6 1:16 Scale Remote Control Truck Any Good

The BEZGAR Hobbyist Grade Remote Control Truck has been designed for hobbyists who want an affordable remote-control car that they could use in their backyard or on off road surfaces such like dirt, sand etc without having any worries about crashes damaging its chassis due caused by collisions prolonging lifespan cycle . It also comes equipped at standard grade level features which includes things likes: high quality brushed motor (390 type) ,metal geared steers(servomotor), durable plastic body shell made from polyamide. Yes it is a great entry level RC car that even experienced racers can enjoy.

Learn more about the Bezgar 6 truck on Amazon

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