Can You Insure Your RC Cars and Trucks

Can You Insure Your RC Cars and Trucks

By Joe Rich

Can You Insure Your RC Cars and Trucks

Generally speaking, no, you cannot insure your RC cars. They are classed as toys by most insurance companies. But you can buy extended warranties to protect new RC cars these are offered at the point of sale.

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That leaves the question of whether or not you can keep your investment protected.

RC cars have been around for decades and continue to be a popular hobby for both children and adults alike.

The speeds that they can achieve are nothing to scoff at and they can look as realistic as some of their full-scale counterparts, too.

Being able to customize and create the car that you have been dreaming of is one of the major appealing aspects of RC cars.

It allows for the experience of working on a car without the costs that come with working on a full-sized car.

There are major differences between the electric and nitro counterparts.

Getting into the differences in the engine/motor, how they handle, the kind of speeds they can hit, and all the other differences between the two would take a far longer article to cover.

These can be costly investments that require substantial time and monetary investment.

That makes them extremely important to the hobbyists that partake.

That leaves the question of whether or not you can keep your investment protected.

So, can you insure your RC cars?

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Insuring RC cars

Generally speaking, no, you cannot insure your RC cars.

These are classified as toys by most insurance companies and only the most niches of insurance companies will bother to offer coverage for something like that.

In the event that you suffer total losses on your home or apartment, it may be covered under your homeowners or renter’s insurance, though even that is not a guarantee.

If you plan to race your RC car competitively, just know that it may be incredibly difficult to find insurance for it if you can do so at all.

It is important to keep in mind that most RC cars are treated as investments.

This is because they require start up costs to get going and general maintenance and repair costs as well.

Picking up an inexpensive RC car and racing is fine for some, but to get more serious (or competitive), it requires a substantial investment to get going.

Do you need RC car insurance?

Legally, no, because there are no regulations or laws when it comes to owning and operating an RC car.

You are free to purchase one and operate it so long as it falls within the local ordinances of your municipality.

If you are a beginner and have purchased a fairly affordable RC car kit, it probably isn’t imperative to get insurance.

Your start up costs will be relatively low, and you probably aren’t planning on making a serious investment into the RC car itself.

It is when you make the leap into more competitive arenas that things become a bit more dicey.

When you put significant money into RC cars, you definitely want to do whatever you can to protect your investment.

This may not mean things that happen during a race, but it can cover you in the event of a flood or other damage to your home.

Ultimately, your need to insure depends on the investment that you have made.

If you put a ton of money into a fully customized RC car, it might be worth exploring your insurance options in the area.

Keeping the car covered and protected can give you peace of mind knowing that you are protected should something go wrong.

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Recreational insurance for RC cars

Because of the rise in popularity of drones, there are recreational insurance companies out there, though they may not be quite as popular or prevalent as the normal insurance companies that we all know about.

Though RC cars aren’t quite as expensive as some drones can be, they are certainly an investment.

 More and more insurance companies are covering personal property or contents, so depending on your insurer, you may not even have to pay an additional amount to get your RC car covered (if they will offer to do so).

The best thing to do is to contact your current homeowners or renter’s insurance provider to ask them if your RC car is covered.

If it is not, ask them if there are steps that you can take to do so.

Even if they don’t provide the coverage themselves, they may be able to recommend you to a more niche service that does so.

How to proceed with RC car insurance

The best bet that you can make is to first reach out to your own insurance provider.

Ask them where your RC car may fall under their current coverage and if it is covered at all.

Your insurance agent should be able to tell you whether or not the car would be covered under your current policy or whether or not you can add something to your policy to ensure that it is covered.

Should your current provider not offer coverage for your RC cars, then it is time to look for a more niche insurer.

There are smaller insurance companies out there that appeal to very small, very niche property owners.

As mentioned earlier, drones are part of the reason that those niches exist.

There is a greater understanding that drones and RC cars are not just “toys” to be played with; they are substantial investments that hold real value.

Protecting them is something that has become a more serious endeavour and these niche insurance companies understand that.

Reach out to a few to see if you can get your RC car covered and what that will cost you.

The prices will vary, sometimes greatly, from insurer to insurer, so you will have to do your homework on this.

Keeping your RC car protected

With the money that can be involved in a serious RC car, protecting your investment is no joke.

Taking the necessary steps to protect that investment is something that insurance companies are recognizing more and more.

It may not be the easiest thing in the world to find an insurer that will protect your RC cars, but take the time and put in your due diligence and you should be able to find a provider that will meet your needs.

A lot of major retailers are now offering RC car protection plans.

These plans are available at the point of purchase and will cover a your model for a set amount of time depending on which plan you buy after the manufactures warranty expires.

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