5 Ways to make your electric RC car go faster

5 Ways to make your electric RC car go faster

By Joe Rich

5 Ways to make your electric RC car go faster

Electric Radio-Controlled (RC) cars are miniature vehicles that are powered by a battery and controlled with a remote. They come in various sizes, from small-scale models to large 1/8th-scale models that can reach speeds of up to 65 mph. Electric RC cars offer a unique experience as they can perform stunts, drift around turns, and even race against other cars. They require minimal maintenance and provide hours of entertainment for both children and adults alike. With the right upgrades, you can make your electric RC car faster, allowing you to improve your lap times or just have more fun.

You may have been thinking how can I make my electric RC car go faster it may feel a little pedestrian because it is still in bog standard mode as it came out of the box?

No more a challenge for you and you feel that the time has come to get a little more oomph out of your favourite model car then here are 5 ways to make your electric RC car faster.

Making your RC car go faster is not to difficult it depends on how much you want to spend and how fast do you want to go.

Upgrade parts can be expensive and if go to mad and spend loads of money on the fastest and best equipment around you could end up with something that cost the earth but is totally uncontrollable, so one thing at a time.

Benefits of making your RC car faster

The benefits of making your electric RC car faster include improved lap times, better handling, and more exciting entertainment. With the right upgrades, you can customize your car to your specific needs, whether it be for speed or manoeuvrability. Increased speed also adds an element of excitement and challenge to racing, making it a more thrilling experience. Additionally, faster cars can result in better-looking stunts and more impressive performances. Ultimately, making your electric RC car faster can help take it to the next level.

Safety considerations when making adjustments to your RC car

Safety should be a top priority when making adjustments to your electric RC car. It’s important to make sure that all components are properly secured and installed correctly, as these cars can reach very high speeds. Additionally, you should inspect the vehicle regularly for any damaged or worn parts which could pose a safety risk. Be sure to replace any broken or missing parts promptly, and never put yourself or other people in harm’s way when operating an electric RC car. Finally, it’s wise to use protective gear such as glasses and gloves when working on or driving your car.

Tools and materials needed for modifications on a RC car

When making modifications to your electric RC car, you’ll need a range of tools and materials. This includes screwdrivers for tightening and loosening screws, wrenches for nuts, pliers for gripping and cutting wires, a soldering iron for soldering / unsoldering components, and various adhesives like super glue or epoxy. Other than that, you’ll likely require some hobby-grade plastic cement to secure parts in place.

We have an article 12 Essential tools for RC cars click here to read.

Upgrade the motor

The first and most obvious item to upgrade is the motor

Most RC cars are come fitted with a brushed motor and for good reason they are cheap low maintenance and reliable.

Going for a brushless motor is the next step depending on which motor you choose the cost can be considerably more also there will be additional costs that come with a motor change.

You will need to upgrade the batteries and esc (electronic speed controller) some stockists sell these as a combo set so you might be able to get a good deal.

550 Brushed Motor 12T and 80A ESC Brushed Motor ESC (XT60 Plug, 1)
  • 🏆【Compatible with】Suit for 1/10 Electric RC Truck Car Off Road Slash 2WD 4×4 / Stampede 4×4 / Bandit / Rustler / F-150 Raptor / Replaces 550 12 Turn Motor (Part # 3785), Arrma Senton 4×4 550 / Granite 4×4 550 / Typhon 4×4 550, Redcat Axial HPI Wltoys Etc.
  • 🏆【Multiple protections】Low voltage cut-off protection for lithium or nickel battery / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection. Note: The ESC signal cable has reverse connection protection, The power cord has no reverse connection protection.
  • 🏆【Waterproof】 The high-quality components. Applicable to All Weather Conditions, The waterproof and dust-proof design allows the Globact 550 motor 80A esc Brushed to be used in all weather conditions without any issue of damage causedto the ESC from water or dust.
  • 🏆【Dual Running Mode】ESC supports BEC high voltage & low voltage switching (5A 7.4V/6.4V), Crawlers & High Speed Dual Mode switching, Input voltage: 7.4V(2S Lipo, Note: Not compatible with 3S Lipo battery), 6V-8.4V (5-7cells NiMH). Note: It is recommended to use crawlers mode for crawlers vehicles and high-speed mode for trucks.
  • 🏆【High quality】This Set is an enhanced package. The conventional 550 motor set ESCs on the market are all 60A. We use 80A ESC, which can better solve the fire problem caused by the overcurrent and overload of the ESC, so that you can use it without worry.

What is a RC car Brushless motor

Simply speaking a brushless motor has no brushes causing friction when the motor is turning, less friction means more efficient use of the power provided by the batteries and thus more speed.

We have article explaining all about brushed and brushless motors click here to read.

Bestseller No. 1
RC Car Brushless Motor 1/10 540 3650 5200KV 3.175mm Shaft High Speed Waterproof Motor for Most of 1:10 Scale RC Vehicles Truck Update Parts
  • ★1/10 Scale Brushless Motor: 3650 5200KV motor 3.175mm shaft 540 brush/brushless motor for 1:10 scale on-road car (tourning car).
  • ★Exquisite Appearance: 4 pole 12 slots high-torque motor, secondary oxidation treatment,exquisite appearance.
  • ★CNC Machined: CNC machined 6061-T6 heat sink, high-purity copper coiltemperature resistance 180-200° , ultra-durable sealed bearings, super high current sillicon wires, low friction, low noise, durable.
  • ★Profession: High balance explosion-proof rotor, high accuracy and high speed, dynamic balance control within 10mg.
  • ★Waterproof design: Using ultra-thin silicon steel plate, precision engineered for maximum energy conversion.
SaleBestseller No. 2
GoolRC Upgrade Waterproof 3650 3900KV Brushless Motor with 60A ESC Combo Set for 1/10 RC Car Truck
  • Precision balanced rotor, smoothness for best reliability and maximum RPM NOTE: The product recommends using 2S (7.4V) batteries for the unit. Using a mismatched battery may result in the risk of burning out the electronics.
  • High strength magnets for unmatched brush-motor performance Excellent torque and long-run times
  • Direct-solder wiring tabs for flexible soldering options
  • Dual-ball bearings design.Water-proof and dust-proof for all weather races
  • Multiple protections: Low voltage cut-off protection for battery / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection
Bestseller No. 3
Spektrum Firma 6500Kv Brushless Motor, SPMXSM2800
  • Spektrum Firma 6500Kv Brushless Motor, SPMXSM2800

Upgrade a to LiPo batteries.

Another easy upgrade to make your RC car go faster is change the batteries.

From the really heavy NI-MH or NI-CADS to the extremely light Lipo this may have been a essential change when the motor was upgraded, the NI-MH NI-CADS may not enough power for the upgraded motor so you will see no improvement in performance. Lipos are a higher voltage, make sure all your other electronics can cope with the increase.

Zeee 7.4V Lipo Battery 2S 50C 5200mAh Lipos Hard Case with Dean-Style T Connector for RC Car Trucks 1/8 1/10 RC Vehicles(2 Packs)
  • 【Zeee 7.4V 5200mAh Lipo Specification】- Battery Voltage: 7.4V; Configuration: 2S1P; Cell Voltage: 3.2~4.2V; Capacity: 5200mAh; Discharge: 50C; Plug: Deans T Connector.
  • 【Dimensions】- Zeee 5200mAh 2S lipo dimension is: 138*47*25mm/5.43*1.85*0.98inch; Approx Weight: 250g/8.82oz.
  • 【Application】 – Zeee 2S 5200mAh Lipo battery specially compatible with 1/8 and 1/10 rc car, Losi, HPI Strada XB 1/10 RTR Electric Buggy, Team Associated, Axial, Tamiya, Duratrax, Jammin, Redcat Racing, Exceed RC, ElectrixRC, Emaxx, Bandit, Rustler version (Only if the voltage, dimension and the plug match, then it will fit).
  • 【High Performance】- Zeee 2S lipo battery with 50C discharge rate hardcase offers high power and very long run time for your RC cars. They are widely fit the 1/8 and 1/10 RC car models.
  • 【What you get】- 2 Pack of Zeee 7.4V 50C 5200mAh 2S Lipo Battery Hard case with Dean-Style T Connector. Any product problems, please Contact US: 1. Enter into “Your Orders” to click “Contact Seller” option; 2. Click “Ask a question” on our storefront. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

NI-MH Vs lipos

NI-MH or Nickel metal hydride are great for RC car beginners because they cheap and quite durable but they do lack power, take a long time to charge and are very heavy not what you want when trying to make your car go faster.

LiPos are the best and essential choice when it comes to making your RC car go faster they are powerful very light can be charged several times a day the only caution with LiPos are that care must be taken when charging and storing always follow the manufactures instructions.

We have an article all about LiPo battery maintenance click here to read.

Battery care for both types.

  • Use a peak detection charger.
  • Make sure battery is completely discharged before charging.
  • Do not charge a hot battery you must let it cool first. (not LiPos)
  • Use a battery charging bag when charging LiPo batteries. Click here to read.

Battery do nots

  • Do not overcharge your battery.
  • Do not let the battery get to hot.
  • Do not short the battery.
  • Do not use a damaged battery.
  • Do not throw batteries in the normal rubbish take them to a recycling centre

We have a article The complete RC car battery guide for beginners click here to read

Why a larger battery pack can result in increased speed

Increasing the size of your electric RC car’s battery pack can increase its speed. This is because a larger battery pack will provide more power, leading to higher motor torque and quicker acceleration. Furthermore, when using a bigger battery pack, you’ll be able to use more of its energy and therefore go faster without draining it too quickly. Ultimately, any modifications you make must suit your car’s design, so it’s important to ensure that any changes are safe and appropriate for your vehicle before attempting them.

Reduce weight

By putting your RC car on a diet can be a big part in increasing speed as previously discussed changing the extremely heavy NI-CADS for the smaller and lighter LiPos is a great start in the RC car weight loss boot camp.

Retailers stock loads of light weight replacement parts these can be made out of aluminium, carbon or graphite.

One thing to bear in mind that if you go to far on the weight saving you might lose traction so again a little bit at a time.

Change tires

Tyre choice is very important get the right tyres for the right surface to maximise grip and get the maximum power out of your motor.

For tarmac and smooth surfaces use slick tyres for mud or slippery surfaces use medium to full spikes.

Always buy good quality tyres these will give you better grip, another thing to consider is the size of the tyre the benefits are bigger contact patch and better turn coverage.

This is when more ground is covered per rotation of the tyre.

Tires can make all the difference

Changing the size of the wheels and tyres can also have a small difference in speed. It is similar to changing the gear ratio.

Do not go overboard otherwise you will have a negative effect.

Some tires and models benefit from click here to read our article all about inserts.

Types of tire

  • Slicks these tyres are for smooth tarmac and high grip surfaces.
  • Spikes these tyres are for wet grass and mud.
  • Pins these tyres are for real off road uneven surfaces.
HobbyPark Outer Diameter 2.99 inch / 76mm Rubber RC Car Tires & Wheel Rims Foam Inserts 12mm Hex Hub (4-Pack)
  • Check size. Tire Size:Outer Diameter Approx 2.99”(76mm), Width: Approx 1.18” (30mm), Drive Hubs:12mm Hex, Tires NOT glued on Rims.
  • Compatible with: RC Car Touring Racing On Road
  • Tire Material:Rubber; Wheel Rim Material :Plastic,Drive Hub:12mm Hex
  • Package include: Set of 4
  • 100% New, Genuine HobbyPark RC Products,Exquisite workmanship & Durable,Buy with Confidence,Friendly Customer Service.
Shaluoman WR8 Tarmac Wheel with Tires for HPI Rally Off-Road WR8 Tyres Pack of 4 Black
  • Outer Diameter: 80 mm
  • Tyres Wide:35mm
  • Have foam inserts
  • Note Front and Rear the size is the same
  • Tires, rims without adhesive, You can be split
GDOOL 4PCS 12mm Hub Wheels,1:10 63mm Hard Plastic RC Drift Cars On Road Touring Racing Bald Tires for Traxxas HSP Tamiya HPI Kyosho On-Road Drifting Car Trucks(Black)
  • ✔【Compatible with Various Models】It compatible with 1:10 1:12 1:16 RC Car,for example HSP94122 94123 94103 3850 3851 FW06 XV01 TT01 TT02B TT-02 18868 16889 16889A 16890 144001 A959B Off-Road Buggy RGT WRC/3RACING D5 On Road Touring Car and so on;
  • ✔【Delivers Racing Excitement】The rally tires for dirt road,as well as being suitable for use on flat,great for drifting, thus giving you the excitement of racing;
  • ✔【High Quality】This kind of rim hub is made of high-quality materials, moreover these tires are composed of hard plastic,with high wear-resistant & high crush-resistant to make your rc car more durable.
  • ✔【Specification】The RC Wheel Tire Size:Outer Diameter Approx 2.48”(63mm), Width: Approx 1.02” (26mm), Drive Hubs:12mm Hex, Tires NOT glued on Rims.
  • ✔【What you Get】4x RC Car Tires Wheels and Plastic Wheels Sets & ​4x Wheel Lock Nut(The tire is not glued on rim. It’s mounted on rim with foam inserted)

Change the gear ratio

Of all the upgrades we have talked about this is probably the cheapest but the easiest to get confused about.

First do you want acceleration or top speed either is achieved by changing the small pinion wheel and the large spur gear by changing them can be pain as some dismantling of the transmission is needed.

48P 19T 20T 21T 22T 23T Pinion Gear with Screw Driver for 3.175mm Shaft 1/10 RC Brushless Brush Motor by MakerDoIt
  • 【Durable】Durable metal construction for long-lasting performance.
  • 【More Funny】Provide the option of being able to change your gear ratio for different track conditions.
  • 【💡】48P is the pitch of each tooth on the pinion gear and the 19T 20T 21T 22T 23T is the number of teeth on the pinion gear. You have to make sure your spur gear and pinion gear have the same pitch, or the teeth won’t mesh.
  • 【3.175mm】The pinion gear shaft diameter or bore is 3.175mm, make sure your RC motor shaft have the same diameter.
  • 【Gear Combo Set】Comes with set screws for each pinion gear, the pinion gear combo set also included a screwdriver, easy to install.
JFtech 7075 Aluminium Metal 48P Spur Gear 85T for 3Racing Sakura D3 CS S XI XIS RC 1/10 Drift Car Upgrade
  • Metal 48P Spur Gear 85T for 3Racing SAKURA
  • This is a Metal 48P Spur Gear 85T, use to upgrade for 3Racing SAKURA D3 CS S XI XIS RC 1/10 on-road Car
  • Suitable for most 1:10 on-road belt drive car, also can use on some shaft drive car.for example: SAKURA S XIS CS D3 XI R31 G31 MST…etc.
  • Top Quality Materials & Superb Craftsmanship,7075 material to make the gear more harder
  • Please attention, because of the motor gear and this spur gear are metal, suggest to add lubricating oil, not only to reduce the friction between the metal gear, but also the sound will be a little bit small.

More Acceleration

If acceleration is wanted you will need smaller pinion gear and a larger spur gear because you now have more torque.

Your car will now accelerate off the line quicker and the benefit of this is the motor and electronic speed controller will run cooler which will lower the wear rate.

The down side is a lower top speed this gear set up is good for short circuits with lots of corners and short straights.

More Top speed

If top speed is wanted go for a larger pinion gear and a smaller spur gear although the top speed will increase the down side is slower acceleration another drawback is the motor and electronic speed controller will run hot. If you go to large with the pinion wheel the motor and esc will get so hot that they could cut out so go careful.

This set up is good for circuits with few corners and long straights.

Why does my RC car not go fast?

There could be a few reasons why your RC car is not reaching its top speed. One possibility is that the batteries are not fully charged. Another possibility is that there is something blocking the wheels, such as dirt or debris. Finally, it could be that the motor is not working properly. If you have checked all of these things and your car still isn’t going as fast as it should, then you may need to take it to a hobby shop for further diagnosis. With a little troubleshooting, you should be able to figure out why your car isn’t reaching its full potential.

We have an article all about how to diagnose faults on a RC car click here to read.

In conclusion.

These are 5 ways to make your electric RC car go faster i hope you will be able to use some or all of them.

Try these tweeks one at a time get used to the way the car has altered the way it accelerates or handles then move on the next upgrade and you will see just how much more you will be able to get out of your electric RC car.

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